Computer Technology

Computer Technology covers almost every aspect of our daily lives from business to leisure. In this era of globalization it is necessary to have adequate skills in computer techniques.
The syllabus of Computer Technology has been evolved in such a way that after completion of the course of two years (Std. 11th and 12th), the student would acquire good working skills suited to work as an IT person.
He/she would also gain confidence to work as DTP operator, Hardware and Networking Technician and also Web Designer etc.


  •  To make the student computer literate.
  •  To make him/her familiar with Internet techniques.
  •  To make him/her aware about basic hardware aspects of computer, telecommunication and other devices.


Job Opportunities-

Wage employment and self-employment opportunities:

1. Data Entry operator

2. DTP Operator

3. Hardware & Networking Technician

4. Assistance of Database Administrator

5. Web Designer

6. Animator

Mentioned in wage-employment. Marking Scheme: – (Vocational Papers)

Sr. NoSubject     TheoryPractical/OralTotalAverage
3General Foundation Course8020100100
4Office Automation100100200100
5Desktop Publishing100100200100
6Computer Hardware & Networking100100200100
7EVSTerm-I -50Term-II- 50 100/2=50
8Physical Training2525 50 (to be converted to grades)