Curricular Activities


I) Examinations
In order to monitor the academic performance & progress of the students SVJC conducts regular exams throughout the year as follows:

  • Unit Tests (I & II Std XI & XII)
  • Terminal Examination (Std XI & XII)
  • Preliminary Examination (Std XII)
  • Final Examination (Std XI)

II) Parents Teachers Meeting:
In order to make the parents aware about their ward’s performance after every exam a Parents Teachers Meeting is arranged to discuss the following points:

  • Exam Result
  • Disciplinary issues of the students
  • Irregularities of students
  • Need & ways of improvement for weak students

III) Extra Classes for Weak Students:
With the purpose of paying more attention to improve the performance of the XII Std weak students the extra remedial classes are taken every year after second unit test where the teachers are instructed to monitor the individual student’s performance

IV) Staff Meeting:
Regular staff meetings are conducted to discuss the following points:

  1. Discipline within class
  2. Academic Performance of the students & ways to improve weak students
  3. Examinations
  4. Planning of the educational visits & lectures

V) Educational Workshops & Guest Lectures:
In order to facilitate the overall development of the students various educational workshops & guest lectures are arranged at SVJC. Such as Personality Development, communication skills, Soft skills development, career counselling, motivation, study management, exam writing techniques, English Learning App, Positive Habits etc.

VI) Educational Visits:
To strengthen the subject knowledge & provide the field experience to the students various educational visits are organized by the SVJC. Such as a visit to Banks, Dairy farms, Small scale Industries, Sugar factory etc.

VII) Exhibitions:
To promote the hidden potentials & talents of the students an educational exhibition is organized at SVJC .Students are motivated to participate in large number to exhibit their knowledge

Computer and Media Dealers Association (CMDA), Pune, organizes CMDA IT Expo every year .SVJC promotes few of its students every year to participate in the same to gain the training experience of the same & the participated students get certificate for the same.