Extracurricular Activity


I) Competitions
In order to foster the overall development of students & to promote their skills & talents SVJC organizes various competitions every year. Such as debate, essay writing, Rangoli, Mehendi, poster making, quizzes, etc.

II) Celebrations:

  1. Thematic Celebration:
  2. Every year SVJC chooses a particular theme to be celebrated in the Wednesday morning assembly such as International Days, Birth Anniversaries of Indian Freedom Fighters, etc.

  3. International Yoga Day:
  4. Every year SVJC celebrates International Yoga Day to promote mental & physical health of the students & make them aware about the importance of the same.

  5. Hindi & Marathi Day :
  6. To promote the development of our language & to enhance the respect for the same every year SVJC celebrates Hindi Divas & Marathi Din.

  7. Independence & Republic Day:
  8. In order to inculcate the patriotism among the students SVJC celebrates Independence & Republic Day.

  9. Traditional Day:
  10. SVJC celebrates Traditional Day on the occasion of Sarasvati Pooja every year when Students come dressed in Indian traditional attires to exhibit the Rainbow of Indian Cultures.

  11. Children’s Day:
  12. As a remembrance of great Indian leader Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru & his love for children Children’s Day is celebrated at SVJC with full enthusiasm.

  13. Teacher’s Day:
  14. To motivate the creature of the future i.e. teachers SVJC celebrates Teacher’s Day on the occasion of the Birth anniversary of great Indian teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

  15. Induction / Fresher’s welcome Program:
  16. SVJC organizes Induction program for fresher students of class XI with a warm welcome & also arranges a farewell program to bid adieu to its class XII with warm wishes for the future.

III) Cleanliness Drive:
SVJC undertakes a cleanliness every year with the purpose of motivate the students & made them aware of the dignity of labour where the Principal along with staff & students actively & enthusiastically pick up brooms and garbage bags to clean up every nook and corner of the campus.

IV) Tree plantation Drive:
The future will either be green or not exit at all. How’s that? It is in our hand. Working towards this noble cause, SVJC organizes a Plantation Drive to sensitize students on the value of tree plantation. The Students enthusiastically participate in the drive. They bring saplings then plant it in the college compound with the help of gardeners.